Conductive inks and paste: everything is changing

- Jan 03, 2018 -


Cambridge, UK

Conductive inks and paste: everything is changing

by Dr Khasha Ghaffarzadeh, Head of Consulting, IDTechEx

The conductive inks and paste business will generate a demand of 1800 tonnes. IDTechEx Research forecasts that this will grow to 2200 by 2026. This business has come alive again and is now a business where literally everything is changing. The traditional markets are experiencing upheaval in terms of requirements and product leadership, whilst various emerging markets are opening up new frontiers.

The new IDTechEx Research report Conductive Inks 2016-2026: Forecasts, Technologies, Playersprovides the most comprehensive and authoritative view of the conductive inks and paste market,giving detailed ten-year market forecasts segmented by application and material/ink type. The marketforecasts are given in tonnage and value at the ink level.

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