Inorganic inorganic acids

- Nov 28, 2016 -

A class of compounds can ionize to produce h aqueous General, compared with a base. In aqueous hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid, nitric acid when ionized, anionic (acid) are not the same, but the resulting cation (h) is the same, so they are common place in nature, such as sour; to dissolve many metal can turn blue litmus red and so on. Hydrochloric acid a narrow definition: ionization in aqueous of cationic hydrogen ions are all compounds (such as sulphuric acid). In most of such substances soluble in water, a few, such as silicate, insoluble in water. Aqueous solutions of acids generally it can conductive part acid in water exists in the form of molecules, non conductive; part of the acid dissociation in water for positive and negative ions, electrically conductive.

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