Inorganic sodium hydroxide

- Nov 28, 2016-

Pure anhydrous sodium hydroxide sodium hydroxide is a white translucent, crystalline solid. Sodium hydroxide is easily soluble in water, the solubility increases with temperature, can give off a lot of heat when dissolved. Its aqueous solution with a sense of bitterness and creamy, the solution is strongly alkaline, has all the common base. Caustic soda solid and liquid market in two ways: pure white solid caustic soda, bulk, sheets, bars, granular, brittle; pure liquid caustic soda is a colorless transparent liquid. Sodium hydroxide soluble in ethanol, glycerol, but insoluble in diethyl ether, acetone, ammonia. Fibres, skins, glass, ceramics and other corrosion, dissolve dilute or concentrated solution will produce heat; and inorganic acid neutralization reaction can produce a lot of heat, and generates the corresponding salts and metals, nonmetals boron and silicon, aluminum, and zinc reaction give off hydrogen and halogens such as chlorine, bromide, iodine Disproportionation occurs. Precipitation from aqueous metal ions as hydroxides; oil saponification reaction occurs, generates the corresponding sodium salts of organic acids and alcohols, which is the principle of oil on fabric.

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