Nano Silver in a variety of formats used in modern medicine

- Nov 28, 2016-

And silver salt: 0.5% silver nitrate standard solution is the treatment of burns and wounds; range apply silver nitrate solution, can be used in the treatment of cervical erosion.

Second, silver sulfadiazine: Colombia University Charles l. Fox (forks), Professor silver sulfadiazine and compounding, silver sulfadiazine, its activity is stronger than a single SP activity at least 50 times. In 1968, silver sulfadiazine (Sulfadiazine Silver) into the market, because of its efficient killing all kinds of bacteria, fungi, natural and painless way to completely repair the wound site, without skin graft, has become the treatment of trauma (such as burns) important drug. Has now been included in the national list of basic medical insurance and drug.

Third, colloidal silver or silver protein: is a valid local anti-infective material, colloidal silver can be used for gynecological sterilization.

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