Electrochemically Prepared Silver Nanoflakes And Nanowires

- Feb 22, 2017 -


We report on electrochemical synthesis of silver nanoflakes and nanorods. The nanostructures are prepared by potentiostatic reduction of silver ions on highly oriented pyrolytic graphite electrode from acetonitrile solution containing mercaptopropionic acid. The mercaptopropionic acid immediately adsorbs on the deposited silver and affects further growth of the metal. Due to differences in adsorption of thiol molecules on various crystallographic facets of silver some directions of growth are favored and some are prohibited. In consequence the deposited silver forms rod and flake-like structures which are distributed on the HOPG surface.


  • Silver nanoparticles

  • Nanorods

  • Nanowires

  • Nanoplates

  • Metal deposition

  • Thiol adsorption

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