Inorganic Compound Use Very Wide

- Sep 27, 2017 -

Fluorine is a light yellow green, with strong corrosive and irritating gas, and ammonia, metal and other reactions violent. Nature often in the presence of inorganic or organic compounds, fluoride mainly from fluorite, cryolite, apatite.

Fluorine and its compounds are widely used in the industrial industry. They are used in the chemical industry for the manufacture of pharmaceuticals, pesticides, Inorganic Compound refrigerants, organic reaction catalysts, wood preservatives, fluoroplastics and fluororubins, etc. in light industry for the manufacture of glass, enamels and glazes Materials, building materials, etching glass; Inorganic Compound metallurgical industry for non-ferrous metal extraction, iron and steel smelting, the production of special welding, electrode outer; defense industry for the manufacture of rocket system of high-energy fuel.

Acute poisoning: the production of high concentrations of fluoride inhalation of gas or vapor, immediately cause eye, nose and respiratory tract irritation symptoms, cough, pharyngeal burning,Inorganic Compound chest tightness and so on. Severe cases can occur chemical pneumonia, pulmonary edema or reflex asphyxia. Skin or mucous membrane exposure to hydrofluoric acid causes burns.

Chronic effects: long-term exposure to fluoride can cause industrial fluoride disease, early waist, legs, spine and knee pain, with dizziness, tinnitus, upper bloating and other symptoms, followed by spine, joint pain, severe cases of bone and joint Activity is limited, skeletal malformations. Often contact with low concentrations of fluoride, can occur chronic rhinitis, pharyngitis, bronchitis and tooth etching, hydrofluoric acid can cause skin burns.

1. Acute fluoride poisoning inhalation poisoning, Inorganic Compound immediately removed from the air pollution scene, oxygen, rest and warm, keep the airway open, and actively prevent laryngeal edema and pulmonary edema occurred. Oral poisoning, timely vomiting, gastric lavage, and then oral milk, soy milk to protect the gastric mucosa. Can be early, adequate, short-term use of adrenal glucocorticoids, to maintain water and electrolyte balance, to prevent secondary infection. Timely, repeated, Inorganic Compound enough calcium is essential, available 10% calcium gluconate solution 10ml ~ 20ml intravenous injection, 2 times a day ~ 3 times, while the appropriate magnesium supplement.

2. Industrial fluoride disease may be appropriate to strengthen nutrition, vitamin supplements, and given symptomatic treatment.

3. Hydrofluoric acid burns immediately after burns with plenty of water or saline irrigation, usually not less than 30min. Can be used 10% calcium gluconate solution or calcium chloride solution of local soaking, wet compress, injection. Severe pain, can be partially closed with procaine. Appear blisters, Inorganic Compound necrosis, etc., in a timely manner to give surgical treatment. Eye burns should be timely with saline or mobile water rinse more than 15min, 0.5% to 1% cocaine eye drops to relieve pain, and then use antibiotic eye drops and dexamethasone eye drops alternating eye drops. Calcium supplementation according to the situation of calcium, generally with 10% calcium gluconate solution intravenous injection. Light patients can be oral prednisone 10mg, Inorganic Compound three times a day, once every 3d ~ 5d; weight, daily intravenous infusion of dexamethasone 10mg ~ 20mg, once every 3d ~ 5d.

Strengthen the ventilation, Inorganic Compound to ensure that fluoride concentration in line with the national standard. Strengthen safety education, strict personal protection. Pre-job examination, during the period 1 year physical examination 1, to avoid contraindications.

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