Silver Nanoparticle Applications

- Oct 24, 2017 -

Silver nanoparticles are made of nano-sized silver silver. Silver nanoparticles are mostly in the size of about 25 nm, E. coli, Neisseria gonorrhoeae, Chlamydia trachomatis and other dozens of pathogenic microorganisms have a strong inhibitory and killing effect, and will not produce drug resistance. With silver nano-particles and combed cotton fiber made of cotton socks, with good anti-bacterial deodorant effect.

Silver nanoparticle particles because of its good conductivity, so that it occupies an extremely important position in the field of microelectronics. Silver nanoparticle particle surface effect, quantum size effect, etc., so that it also has some special purposes, such as surface enhanced Raman applications, medical applications.

1. Silver nanoparticles are powdered silver Elemental, particle size less than 100nm, usually between 25-50nm.

The properties of silver nanoparticles are directly related to their particle size.

The study found that the smaller the particle size, the stronger the bactericidal performance.

Application areas

High-end silver paste (glue)

Chip components for external electrode pulp, thick film integrated circuit pulp, solar panel electrode paste, LED chip package with conductive silver plastic, used for high temperature sintering conductive silver paste and oligomer conductive silver paste, used in printed electronics Device conductive ink and so on

Conductive coating

High-grade filter layer, silver tube capacitor layer, low-temperature sintered paste and dielectric paste

medical field

Antibacterial plastic and medical equipment, antibacterial plastic and rubber products, antibacterial textiles and clothing shoes and socks, antibacterial coatings, ceramics and glass, green antibacterial coatings

Green home appliances and furniture products

Household appliances with anti-static, sterilization coating, deodorant, antibacterial film

Catalytic materials

Ethylene oxidation catalyst, supported silver catalyst for fuel cell

new energy

Heat exchange materials, high-grade electronic components electrode materials

Electroplating industry

Silver coating material for gold electroforming


Short-term washing does not affect its function; with natural color, can be deployed color, the application does not affect the dyeing, can completely replace the lead, tin welding, long-term use of silver nanoparticles antibacterial in the body will form silver deposition on the biological, Adverse effects, excessive deposition and even a significant poisoning phenomenon, silver nanoparticles volatile to the environment will have a certain impact on the ecology will kill the environment in the beneficial bacteria, plastic products in the silver nanoparticles after precipitation finished No longer have a bactericidal function, the time generally in three months to six months range, long-term use will be harmful to the body, causing poisoning symptoms, affect the physical development.


Direct or indirect use.


Silver nanoparticles have antibacterial characteristics are applied to life, including baby products, tableware and bottles have applications, imports Sheng silver nanoparticles antibacterial tableware is a safe material, will Seoul bottle (Pyle silver nanoparticles PES puzzle bottle, Pyle silver ion PES puzzle bottle, Pyle PES combination puzzle bottle) contain silver nanoparticle material. Silver nanoparticles are safe and are widely used.

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