Silver Nanoparticle Features

- Sep 01, 2017-

Silver's monetary value is lower than gold, but in the treatment of infection, the medical value of silver can not be underestimated. When the antibiotic failure, colloidal silver on its effect. Dr. Schauss of John Hapkins University believes that colloidal silver is a natural drug that can resist "hundreds of pathogens". Professor Menriques of Minnan University has demonstrated that silver nanoparticles can kill yeasts under various conditions and have good antifungal ability. It is effective for prevention and treatment of oral infection.

Silver's monetary value is lower than gold; but in the treatment of infection, the medical value of silver can not be underestimated; in emergency situations, colloidal silver is not only more valuable than gold, and more effective.

When the antibiotic failure, colloidal silver on its effect; antibiotics attack the intestinal good or bad micro-organisms, damage the immune system. Antibiotics A single attack pattern is susceptible to bacterial variation. In fact, the abuse of antibiotics and the lack of serious prescriptions have caused bacteria to fight against antibiotics. This is a general problem in the hospital.

On the other hand, Dr. Alexander G. Schauss of John Hapkins University argues that colloidal silver is a natural drug capable of "hundreds of pathogens"; many doctors did not find antibiotics in 1938, and many doctors used it infection. Today, people go back with silver to deal with problems including bacterial metamorphosis.

Doctors experiment with silver nanoparticles to treat fungal-induced oral infections? Yeast infections caused by Candida albicans and Candida glabrata are common in dentures; lead to thrush and dental stomatitis - a very painful infection that affects 70% of people who wear dentures. These hard-to-treat oral infections of microorganisms quickly form biofilms, and antibiotics do not kill these fungi, but are actually helpful to them.

Professor Mariana Henriques of University of Minho and his colleagues tested silver nanoparticles of various sizes to analyze the effects of these oral infections and to pay attention to the potential ability of these nanoparticles to control them.

Henriques and his colleagues used saliva to cause a variety of experimental controlled environments, after the artificial biofilm into saliva, observed changes in fungal infections. They soon found that the size is not important, in all conditions, silver nanoparticles can effectively kill the yeast. This study clearly determines the antifungal properties of silver, and various particle sizes can be used in a variety of processes.

Silver nanoparticles can be listed in new drugs and can be used as a precaution in hospitals. Silver can come to the mouth to help with dentures to prevent biofilm growth. Professor Henriques believes that silver nanoparticles can even be added to dentures to produce a protective layer against fungi and bacteria that grow in the mouth.


Nano-silver particles because of its good conductivity, so that it occupies an extremely important position in the field of microelectronics. Nano-silver particles surface effects, quantum size effects, etc., so that it also has some special purposes, such as surface-enhanced Raman applications, medical applications.

1. Nano-silver is a silver-like material, particle size less than 100nm, usually between 25-50nm.

2. Nano-silver performance and its particle size is directly related.

The study found that the smaller the particle size, the stronger the bactericidal performance.


Short-term washing does not affect its function; with natural color, can be deployed color, the application does not affect the dyeing, can completely replace the lead, tin welding, long-term use of nano-silver antibacterial will be formed in the body of silver deposition will be biological, Adverse effects, excessive deposition and even there will be obvious poisoning phenomenon, nano-silver volatile to the environment will have a certain impact on the ecology will kill the environment in the beneficial bacteria, plastic products in the nano-silver precipitation after no longer have Sterilization function, the time generally in three months to six months, long-term use will be harmful to the body, causing symptoms of poisoning, affecting physical development.

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