Silver Nanoparticle Important Application Value

- Aug 08, 2017-

The surface plasmon is a kind of optical property of nano-particles when they are interacting with light. Silver Nanoparticle The surface equal-stress element exhibits important application value in the fields of chemical analysis sensing, biologic imaging, Silver Nanoparticle surface enhancement spectroscopy and so on. The coupling of nanoparticles is an effective way to control the properties of the surface and other ionization elements. Silver Nanoparticle However, how to form a novel nano-structure of functional synergy in the effective coupled distance scale (<5nm) of noble metal nanoparticles remains a scientific challenge.

Zhang, a researcher at the Xiamen Institute of Rare Earth Materials of the Institute of Science and Technology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, works closely with Professor-of Xiamen University. With the support of the National Natural Science Foundation and the Young People's plan, Silver Nanoparticle the paper has developed a method of assembling the different size gold nanoparticles (<250 nm) with different side long silver cubes (<160nm), Silver Nanoparticle and the distance of the particle gap (1-5nm) can be controlled by the ultrathin silica shell, The assembly yield of AU-AG two polymer was nearly 30%. The team's assembly mechanism, Silver Nanoparticle the influence factors such as assembly yield were deeply analyzed and discussed, the scattering spectra of single gold-silver two polymer were studied by means of single particle scattering spectroscopy, and the coupling Fano resonant peaks were found by the silver of the assembled structure synergetic surface. The surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy shows that the assembled structure has high performance of electric field enhancement. Silver Nanoparticle The structure is promising to be applied in the field of surface plasmon sensing, surface and other ionization catalysis. Relevant results have been published in Nanoscale (2016, 8 (5): 2951-2959).

Metallic silver is widely used in our daily life as well as in various medical treatments, Silver Nanoparticle as a result of nanotechnology breakthroughs, Silver Nanoparticle silver nanoparticles (hereinafter called AGNPS) have gained greater benefits. But the growth of AGNPS applications in various fields inevitably leads to increased potential risk of nanoparticles, causing concern for environmental safety and human health. In recent years, researchers have assessed the toxicity of AGNPS and sought to explore their cellular and molecular toxicity mechanisms.

Nano-Materials Enter the biological system, with cells, organelles and macromolecules (such as protein, nucleic acids, lipids, carbohydrates) to establish a series of nanoparticles-biomolecules interface. Silver Nanoparticle The dynamic physical-chemical interaction, kinetics, Silver Nanoparticle and heat transfer in this interfacial area affect some processes, such as the formation of protein crowns, cell contact, membrane-encapsulated particles, cell uptake and biocatalysis, all of which determine the biocompatibility and biological hazards of nanomaterials.

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