Silver Nanoparticle Technology

- Jul 31, 2017-

A new type of plasma implant coating with silver particles, Silver Nanoparticle DentaPlas, prevents bacterial infections during tooth implantation. Silver Nanoparticle This coating technology is as powerful as traditional implantation technology and has a longer lifecycle.

One of the major problems in dental implantation is bacterial infection, which leads to degeneration of the jaw bone. And the latest technology will help reduce the risk of future infection, Silver Nanoparticle which can enhance the implant effect. Germany's annual dental implantation quantity is staggering, about one million per year for implantation. However, due to the bacterial infection in the organization, Silver Nanoparticle this ancient implantation pattern needs to change. When the artificial tooth implantation, the body's cell defense system will protect themselves from microbial infection. When bacteria pass through the body's immune system, they quickly form a layer of biofilm on the surface of the titanium implant, protecting it from rejection. The bacteria then invade the implant, Silver Nanoparticle causing an inflammatory reaction and lead to bone degradation.

This new type of plasma coating will not only inhibit the growth of bacteria, Silver Nanoparticle but also makes the implant and jaw bone quickly form a layer of more durable bone. The silver nanoparticles are present on the surface of the implant, so that this can be achieved. This combination of nanoparticles and a plasma polymer coating has a thickness of only about 100 nanometers, and after a few weeks it can also dissolve. Silver Nanoparticle And during this time, a small amount of silver ions will continue to release, Silver Nanoparticle thus killing bacteria. During the testing of titanium implants and samples that have been implanted, Silver Nanoparticle the DentaPlas coating can easily disinfect the process, has antibacterial properties, and has good biocompatibility.

The thickness of the material layer, porosity and the concentration of silver particles can be customized as needed. This allows the time that the silver particles penetrate through the outer plasma layer into the implant can be adjusted as desired. Once the silver particles have been released, Silver Nanoparticle the silver particles will no longer enter the tissue, Silver Nanoparticle which means that the implant does not produce toxic effects. The prototype of this plasma polymer coating is now available.

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