Silver Nitrate No Smell

- Aug 24, 2017-

Silver nitrate is a colorless transparent crystal or white crystals. No smell. Pure in the light and the air does not change black, but the presence of hydrogen sulfide or trace organic matter can promote the photo-reduction and black, melted after the light yellow liquid, after curing is still white. Heated to 440 ℃ when the decomposition into silver, nitrogen, oxygen and nitrogen dioxide. Solidification of protein. Can be used to determine the chloride ion, the determination of manganese catalyst, electroplating, photography, porcelain coloring.

Analytical chemistry for the precipitation of chloride ions, the working reference of silver nitrate for calibration of sodium chloride solution. Inorganic industry for the manufacture of other silver salts. The electronics industry is used in the manufacture of conductive adhesives, new gas purifiers, A8x molecular sieves, silver-plated and gloved gloves. Photographic industry for the manufacture of photographic film, x-ray film and photographic film and other photographic materials. The electroplating industry is used for silver plating of electronic components and other handicrafts, and is also used as a silver and silver material for mirrors and thermoses. The battery industry is used to produce silver and zinc batteries. Medicine used as a fungicide, corrosion agent. Japanese chemical industry for dyeing hair and so on. Analytical chemistry is used to determine chlorine, bromine, iodine cyanide and thiocyanate.

For non-cyanide silver, such as silver thiosulfate silver, silver plating silver, silver imide disulfide silver, sulfosalicylic acid silver plating and other main salt. Is the source of silver ions. Silver nitrate content on the silver plating solution conductivity, dispersion and precipitation rate have a certain impact. General dosage is 25-50g / L.

The aqueous solution of silver nitrate can be reduced by organic reductant aldehydes and sugars. So it is the reagent to test aldehydes and sugars. Also used to determine the chloride ion, the determination of manganese catalyst, electroplating, photography, porcelain coloring.

Silver nitrate has a certain toxicity, into the body to produce serious corrosion of the gastrointestinal tract, adult lethal dose of about 10 grams. Half lethal dose (mouse, oral) 50mg / kg.

Baptist silver nitrate can cause severe abdominal pain, vomiting, bloody stool, and even gastrointestinal perforation occurred. Can cause skin and eye burns. Long-term exposure to the goods of the workers will appear systemic silver medications. Performance includes: the body's skin a wide range of pigmentation, gray-blue or shallow stone color; eye silver caused by eye damage; respiratory silver calm caused by chronic bronchitis and so on.

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