Silver Nitrate Significant Difference

- Oct 25, 2017-

The in situ synthesis of silver nanoparticles and tensile thinning wool was carried out under the condition that no reductant was added. In this paper, the functional groups of wool fibers are mainly used to restore silver ions to silver nanoparticles, Silver Nitrate and the interaction between the synthesized nanoparticles and the protein chains of wool fibers may occur. According to the hypothesis which has been proved by ultraviolet visible absorption spectra, Silver Nitrate another possibility is that the wool protein molecule chain is crosslinked by the amino diazo reaction of the amino on the wool fiber. The duration of the temperature allows the complete growth of the silver nuclei in the protein chain enough to create more cross-linking within the protein chain of the wool fiber.

The researchers randomly divided the patients with oral ulcers into two groups, the patients in the experimental group were treated with silver nitrate cauterization, Silver Nitrate and the control group were treated with placebo. All ulcers were treated with a concentration of 10% lidocaine for topical anesthesia 5 minutes before treatment.

In the experimental group, the silver nitrate swab was placed on the ulcer surface until the lesion became white. In the control group, the blank Bar is placed at the same time as the ulcer surface. All patients after the treatment, rinse the mouth with water for 5 minutes. Silver Nitrate To record the degree of pain on the first, third and seventh days after operation, compare the size of the ulcer, measure the size of the ulcer on the seventh day, Silver Nitrate and the time required to heal the ulcer.

The results showed that, although the average pain scores were similar in the preoperative two groups, however, there was significant difference between the experimental group and the control group on the first day and the seventh pain score. On the seventh day after the operation, Silver Nitrate 60% of the patients in the experimental group had ulcer healing, and only 32% of the control group had ulcer healing; the average healing time of the experimental group ulcer was 2.7 days, The average healing time of ulcer in control group was 5.5 days.

The study showed that the use of silver nitrate in the burning of the aphthous ulcer is a safe and effective and rapid treatment regimen, can alleviate the pain of the ulcer, but also shorten the healing time of ulcers.

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