Silver Nitrate Strengthen Ventilation

- Aug 08, 2017-

Colorless, tasteless transparent crystal or white crystal, bitter taste. Silver Nitrate Density: 4.35, melting point 212 ℃, boiling point: 440 ℃. For images, mirrors, Silver Nitrate silver-plated, hidden and indelible inks, staining, porcelain, coloring, etching ivory and chemical analysis

Important reagents, medically used as antivirus, astringent, Silver Nitrate neonatal eye inflammation Prevention and veterinary treatment for wounds and local inflammation.

Animal tests can lead to hemolytic anemia and pulmonary edema, repeated small doses of silver injections, can cause anemia, bone marrow hyperplasia, tissue organs occur silver composure, Silver Nitrate especially the kidney glomerulus substrate silver calm, can lead to thickening of the film.

Short-term excessive to the skin mucous membrane has the stimulation and the corrosive effect, Silver Nitrate to the respiratory tract has the damage manifestation is bronchitis, the respiratory tract mucous membrane silver composure, the silver composure appears in the conjunctiva first, mistakenly after the silver nitrate, Silver Nitrate the digestive tract mucous membrane has the corrosivity.

Skin silver Calm, common hand, forearm and other exposed parts, Silver Nitrate showing gray and brownish black spots, some people appear the body of the skin silver, Silver Nitrate the silver calm change is often long-lasting, not easy to fade, Silver Nitrate the impact on the respiratory system can lead to chronic bronchitis.

Silver nitrate is a strong oxidant with a fire hazard. Fire with water.

Coexisting with organic matter, when the light is black, Silver Nitrate if there is hydrogen sulfide, no matter whether or not the lights are darkened. Can be decomposed into silver by heating.

After the silver nitrate is wrongly served, Silver Nitrate it can quickly inhale the concentrated salt water and wash the stomach with 2% chlorinated sodium injection to make the formation of silver chloride precipitate and other symptomatic treatment. Silver Nitrate Skin and eye mucous membrane of silver, can be used sodium thiosulfate and iron potassium cyanide mixture, Silver Nitrate local intradermal or conjunctival injection, there is a certain effect.

In order to prevent the decomposition of silver nitrate, can be stored in brown bottles or light-protected containers, at low temperature, ventilation, far-organic and easily oxidized substances. Loading method: (II) class.

Silver nitrate belongs to strong oxidizing agent, corrosive substance and environmental pollution. With some organic or sulfur, phosphorus mixed grinding, impact can be burned or exploded; silver nitrate is corrosive. Once the skin is stained with silver nitrate solution, black spots appear, Silver Nitrate which is due to the formation of black protein silver.

Silver nitrate has a certain toxicity, into the body to the gastrointestinal production of severe corrosion, the adult lethal amount of about 10 grams. The misuse of silver nitrate can cause severe abdominal pain, Silver Nitrate vomiting, blood, and even perforation of the gastrointestinal tract. can cause skin and eye burns. The workers who have been exposed to the product for a long time will have systemic silver-body disease. Silver Nitrate Manifestations include: A wide range of skin pigmentation, gray-blue black or light slate color, eye damage caused by silver in the eyes, Silver Nitrate respiratory silver composure caused by chronic bronchitis and so on.

Airtight operation, strengthen ventilation. The operator should wear rubber gloves and goggles to avoid dripping on the skin.

Store in a cool, ventilated place; Away from fire and heat. Avoid light. Silver Nitrate Temperature no more than 30 ℃, relative humidity not exceeding 80%. Silver Nitrate The packing must be sealed and not damp. should be with easy (can) fuel, reducing agent, alkali class, alcohols, edible chemicals separate storage, avoid mixed storage.

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